Cabin Remodel, Olympia, WA

“My husband and I moved to Olympia in May and bought a small, older cabin on a lake. We loved the house but knew it needed plenty of work. I had a vision of what it could become. The first time I met with Phil I knew he understood what I wanted.
During the next two months, Phil removed walls, scraped popcorn ceilings, laid down hardwood floors, installed extensive trim work, repaired drywall, created the perfect kitchen (with Trivonna’s help) and MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE.
If Phil needs help, he has a network of very capable contacts. He always “knows a guy.”
Not only did we achieve the home we wanted, but hopefully we gained a life-long friend. Phil, you need to come by because Sydney (our dog) misses you.”
-Carol and Pat Brennan, Olympia, WA

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