Renovation- Lacey, WA

Phil– I am mostly settled  and Sellwood is great.  Now that things are slowing down for me, I wanted to thank you for the all the hard work you did in helping me get the house ready to sell.

Replacing the bath/shower surround was a lot of work and the result was excellent! Everyone who saw the renovation loved it!  I particularly valued your presenting me with good information about the various options. I felt more confident about making choices. You also made the project easier for me by coordinating with the plumber who had to replace the very old pipes and fixtures.

As the home sale progressed, it was a huge help to be able to call you to attend to some additional work on the foundation and installing handrails. Again, the work was done well. The handrails looked great and the appraiser was very pleased with the results.  I especially appreciated your being willing to take on that project on very short notice so that sale could go forward on time and that you were willing to build handrails that looked good and were affordable.

A real bonus was your connections with other workmen who could handle very specialized home improvements. Like you, they did excellent work, were very responsive to my concerns and provided quality services at affordable prices. Again, this made the process of getting the house ready to sell much easier for me.

Lastly, I appreciated your friendly and calm style as we worked together.  Selling a home is very stressful–at least it was for me–and it really was a huge help  to talk with you about the process.  Your calmness and clarity about the process helped me to stay grounded.

I would highly recommend you to people who are looking to make quality improvements to their home. Feel free to give them my contact information.


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