Rental Turnover, Lacey

I offer my strongest endorsement for Phil Petersen and his team at, ” Petersen’s Affordable Home Repair!”  I have owned multiple homes and am fully aware of the many odds and ends that come up with home-ownership.  What made my recent situation so interesting was that the home I needed work on was clear across the country!  While I was living in Boston, Massachusetts, tenants moved out of my home in Lacey, WA with almost zero notice and right before the Holiday Season!  I was very concerned about having the home assessed, repaired, routine maintenance conducted, cleaned and prepared for new tenants.

I sent out 11 emails to different handy-man companies.  While I received many response emails, only one picked up the phone and called – Phil Petersen.

From the first time we spoke, it was like having a friend out in Washington working with me!  After visiting the home that same afternoon, we charted out a plan to have rooms repainted, carpets stretched, Carbon monoxide monitors installed, light bulbs changed, holes filled, etc.  The work required sub-contractors but throughout the process Phil stayed in lead and spoke for me where I couldn’t.

I was most impressed by his attention to detail and his holding everyone accountable.  Regardless of the scope of work, Phil assured me the work would be done on time and within 24hrs of its completion, my new tenants arrived from Arizona and were able to move in!  Not only were they truly impressed with the home, but my property manager who had enumerated a list of required items from her previous inspection was shocked by the outstanding results (having known the tightly constricted timeline that Phil was working under).

Rates were completely affordable and the open dialogue between he and I ensured that I was never caught off-guard by anything.

I plan to maintain this rental property in WA.  Fully knowing that the Military will station my family across a few more locations during my remaining service, I will continue to require an expert handy-man and friend back near Fort Lewis.  Next time, I will only send out one email and only require one phone call!

Thanks Phil,

Major Tim Leone (US Army)

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