You don’t have to go it alone

Almost everyone who owns a home wants to improve it in some way. You, the homeowner, can do many of those improvements yourself. There are times however, when you may need help. That is when you want a professional. Most home repair/remodelers will give you answers to basic questions for free. They will generally give you an estimate at no cost. You will be able to figure out fairly quickly if this is someone you can work with.

It’s about communication. You’re looking for someone who can discuss home improvements you might not fully understand, in a language you can understand.

Here are 3 tips for working with a contractor:

Credentials: Ask for their license, bond & insurance information and at least 2 references. If they can’t produce all of these, move on immediately.

Intuition: Never ignore this valuable tool. If you get an odd feeling and you can’t put you finger on what it is, you may want to reconsider working with that contractor.

Trust yourself: Ask yourself, “What do I like and dislike, style-wise inside and outside my home?” If a contractor tries to steer you in a direction that is not to your taste, then maybe you need a different contractor.

My name is Phil Petersen and I have been a home improvement specialist for 25 years. I am here to help. If you have questions I will be happy to answer them if I can.

Remember, you are not alone; help is just a phone call away.

Phil Petersen
Affordable Home Repair